Antiques & Collectables Fairs in Gauteng: Some of the best kept secrets

Collecting is like eating peanuts; you just can’t stop

If you are one of those ‘peanut eaters’ then the Antiques Fairs that take place under the auspices of the National Antiques & Decorative Arts Association are not to be missed!

Gauteng’s best kept secrets are the three Antiques & Collectables Fairs which takes place every month at Nelson Mandela Square on the first Sunday of every month, at Hyde Park Corner on the last Sunday of every month and at Brooklyn Square on the first Saturday of every month. This is when thousands of eager collectors come from far and wide looking at items that attract, intrigue and fascinate. It could be sparked by something from childhood – a dinky car or doll that was treasured; the pattern on a tea set that belonged to Grandma; the memory of having to sit through Dad’s painstaking photo shoots with an old camera or Grandpa’s stories about the war years. Seeing that item again brings back nostalgic memories and then, finding out that in fact, those items are highly collectable and have value can spark a collection and turn you into a collector.

Because antiques & collectables are rare and not mass produced, the chase to find an elusive piece to add to a collection is what makes it such fun. Ask any of the regular collectors who visit the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square and they will tell you that they never miss a monthly fair because that means they might just miss the one time that the antiques dealer has that piece they have spent years looking for.

The over 40 antique dealers who come from all over the country each month to present their wares are all members of the NAADA Association which falls under government’s 2nd Hand Goods Act. This means that they have all been vetted, have trading licenses and adhere to the code of ethics of the association.

Some are specialists in certain collecting disciplines like silver, glassware, jewellery or ceramics. Others have a varied selection of antiques and collectables that makes browsing through their time like a treasure hunt. The fun is in interacting with antique dealers who have devoted their life to collecting antiques and who, in most cases, are extremely knowledgeable and will guide and assist in your collecting ‘journey’. You will also meet like-minded collectors with whom you can exchange ideas, tips and even join collector clubs in your chosen field.

Collecting is a passion…. that just might give you a handsome pay-off in the long run!

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