Code of Ethics & Conduct

The NAADA Member has pledged to:

Always conduct business and treat customers in a manner befitting the status of a NAADA member.
Ensure that every purchaser is a satisfiedcustomer and to render prompt and efficient service.
Offer service based on the highest ethical standards.
Maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity.
Earn, establish and maintain a reputation for giving value at a fair price.
Promote goodwill and communication between NAADA members.
Refrain from belittling the value and/or quality of merchandise supplied by competitors / colleagues.
No member can demote another member’s stock in front of anyone.
No member cancast aspersions on the reputation of another member in front of anyone.
A member can sell an item at any price they seem fit and no member cancriticize it in front of anyone be it a client or another member.
If any member has a genuine problem with another member’s stock or the description of their stock, they can take it up privately with the concerned member or bring it to the committee’s attention.
Maintain sound business relationships with suppliers / sellers toprovide the best ultimate service to customers.
Submit to arbitration in case of a dispute between member and customer, or member and seller.
Do not use untruthful or misleading statements in publicity and/or advertising.
Will always keep an updated copy of the second-hand dealer’s license at hand whenever exhibiting at any fair and on business premises.
Will always comply with second-hand dealer’s act.
The purpose of the association is to work together and help each other.
We are a small association, discrediting another member only brings dishonour to the association and its members, you will not gain the trustof clients by shaming your fellow members and such behaviour will not be accepted.
If any member is found to be in non-compliance with the above their membership will be terminated without any further notice.