Care of Antiques

Tips for caring your Antiques and Collectables

Protecting your antiquities from the elements is not always so simple, With a little love attention, a good piece should last another century or two, giving the same pleasure to generations to come. There are some tips for caring for your antiques and collectibles. The primary advice is to control the atmosphere inside your own home. additionally there are other tips the main restorers have been successfully tested and tested for many years.

Photographic Records:

A good quality photo will help you to trace any items stolen. It is important to make notes of any markings or identifying marks that may help to trace the item. Also keep a record of the dimensions of the item it is important here to note that when measuring a painting or an art work you must exclude the frame size and just measure the actual canvas. You may also choose to lodge such listing and copies of the photographs with your lawyer or in a bank vault for security purposes as well as keeping your own copy at home.

Art, Prints and Books:

It is important to use a profesional art restorer. Please be sure to only use members of NAADA to secure the value of your art work. going to any person who says they can do it may mean destroying the item forever. Our Art restorers can help you with Oils and prints as well books. Click here to view Our Members

Antique Furniture:

Professional care and regular maintenance will help to keep them looking great for the future generations.
Our restorers understand the structure of antique items and their knowledge is based on years of research, practi­cal experience and love for all things old and beautiful.
They  apply techniques and methods used by the old master furniture makers that created outstanding pieces for future generations. Keeping alive the great traditions and dedi­cation to perfection and integrity is their main focus. The use of proper materials and proven methods, considera­tion of age and care for the preservation of fine pieces is our key to deliver a service of the highest standard. They will make sure your pieces are preserved for future generations.
Services offered by our restorers are regular visits to your home and inspections of your items. You can also book professional waxing services twice a year through them.
We recommend Fiddes polishes these can be purchased through our website. Click here to visit Clyde On 4th

Some Tips That Are Invaluable:

  • Expertly done examination and evaluation of damage to antique furniture will ensure timely restoration and prevention of deeper, more serious damage.
  • Specific attention to the structure, condition of veneers and inlays will prevent loss and breakage of the original veneer and inlay decorations, structural deformation or weakened joinery.
  • The experienced eye of a restorer will pick up traces of wood borer activity and advise on treatment. Prolonged insect activity can be fatal to your furniture.
  • Discussing the furniture placement throughout your home with an expert, can prevent damaging light and heat exposure to your valuable pieces.
  • Regular maintenance by your restorer will be of great benefit to your furniture. Regular inspection , waxing and polishing will prevent cracking, veneer lifting and damage to the finish. Absolute minimum of maintenance is twice a year due to the climate extremities — before the rainy season, and before the dryness of winter.
  • The surface finish of your furniture is its protective layer. When the original finish has deteriorated due to hard use, water, heat or chemicals it is acceptable to reapply or completely refinish a piece of antique furniture. It improves its appearance and resistance to the elements.
  • Advice from a professional restorer is a priceless source of information and knowledge gained by years of experience working with antiques.

China Restoration:

Be sure to use a NAADA member. All members have to disocle restoration. It is good to get a picture of the piece before and after. ( link to china restorers under members)

Silver Restoration and Preservation:

We support the use of hagerty’s silver cleaners. These cleaners have very little abrasion and preserve the hallmarks and silver plating of your items. Restoration – be sure to only use our recommended silversmiths.

Glass Restoration:

We recommend you use our NAADA professional members they will assess your pieces and see if they can be saved.